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My Thoughts On Business Management

As this article, “Want to be Super Successful? Science Says to do Any 1 of These 10 Things,” points out, having no routine or structure is not only mentally and physically draining, but detrimental to our wellbeing. Creating excellence is an attainable goal if you persevere.

The benefits of a routine are innumerable. it helps you establish priorities, leave little room for procrastination, and boost your motivation. It is important to pick positive habits that work well for you and your lifestyle, keep them consistent, and create a daily routine built for success.

The rest of the points in the article are all helpful, such as visualizing your success, making to-do lists, and taking regular breaks. One of the points is related to being proactive and not getting sidetracked by opening up emails and Facebook first thing in the morning.

This point really jumped out at me: checking Facebook and noticing a friend in crisis may prompt you to want to help instead of strictly sticking to your to-do list. While it is important to keep your goals in mind, being “selfish” enough to help your friend in need is definitely worth taking a break from your to-do list! Helping others in need is as important and “selfish” as you can get!

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