Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

Employee retention is certainly always at the forefront of every CEO’s mind. This article, “Top 6 Reasons Why Employees Leave and How You Can Stop Them,” outlines the reasons employees may leave, such as limited opportunities for career growth, boredom, inadequate compensation, excess workload, and general unhappiness. the tips listed here for employee retention are great tips and are pretty straightforward. However, they are easier said than done.

Setting up plans for career growth, incorporating employee feedback, and making sure employees are happy at all times is definitely a full time job. However difficult it may be though, it is important to listen to your employees and be proactive in your support for them. The amount of hard work you put into your employees generally equals the increased chances you have of retaining them, leading to a happy and productive work place. at Kars4Kids, we aim at hiring employees we feel confident we can retain. Putting in the extra effort with one-on-one training along with motivational support is key to building a great organization.

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