Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

This article focuses on the CEO of an organization and certain qualities necessary to retain employees and to have others gravitate toward you as a business leader. My favorite point in this article is: “It’s critical to listen to everyone, not just the loudest voice or your most trusted lieutenants. Sometimes, its the quiet ones who have the most to say, even if it represents an opposing view.”

I find this one line so true, and I have found myself employing it as well. It may be easy to rely on the word and advice of a few trusted employees, but to truly hear the voice of the organization or company, it is important to hear what others have to say as well, and if they have good points to make, listen to them. This will build your credence with your employees and further your company mission, not to mention help others gravitate toward you, as CEO.



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