Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

“I share, therefore I am.” This sad but true quote from Sherry Turkle, provides insight into the way we communicate with others and what is important for us in today’s day and age. The more shares we get on social media, the more important we are. We don’t have to think or engage with anyone. we could be in a room full of people with not a single person making eye contact. We are alone in a fast paced, digitally built world.

While this concept is nothing new, it is getting more severe with each new social media platform, and the continued importance the public places on them. As a leader in an organization, a number of lessons can be learned from this concept. Stop, take a moment, and talk to your co-workers. Create a culture of real, face-to-face communication, and emphasis the importance of collaboration. In a world where social media is taking over, create moments in your company which emphasize the importance of real communication.

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