Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

Sitting through a long and boring meeting is the hardest part of working in an office, whether you are just sitting and listening or presenting. According to this article, music is the “secret ingredient” for a productive meeting that will get everyone involved and in good spirits, not to mention keep everyone’s attention.

However, this idea is more intricate as it seems. It is crucial that the right type of music is being played, in accordance to what you want the outcome of the meeting to be. For example, you would play open music when you’re introducing a new concept and want others to be open to its ideas. Propel music would be played to get people to jump into action with a new idea or concept for your company.

I think this is a great, new, and innovative idea that can go surprisingly well in your next meeting. Have the music playing as the participants walk in, and you are sure to get them excited from the get-go.

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