Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

When the author of this article asked others to describe their best and worse bosses, they all highlighted qualities that are completely under the bosses control, such as passion and honesty. The unique qualities of a great boss that are listed here can be understood by anyone wishing to be the best boss possible, giving themselves the best chance at retaining their employees. Because after all, people leave bosses, not companies.

All these points are great, and reiterate the point of a great boss being the mainstay in the company, the “port in the storm,” maintaining a clear head and calm demeanor during every workplace situation. My favorite point is- “they play chess not checkers.” This is understood as great bosses recognizing the unique traits and abilities of each employee, and helping them grow in those areas, playing to their strengths. Unlike bosses who “play checkers,” and treat every employee as if they are all the same, great bosses know how each employee’s strength can help further the company.

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