Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

This week’s article, “7 Concepts Every CEO Has To Nail,” is based on the need for every CEO to re-evaluate their position and if they can truly call themselves a CEO. One of the most important parts of this short article was in the very beginning: “If a board of directors doesn’t name you chief executive officer of a real corporation, you’re sort of like a silly little kid playing grownup…you’re probably misrepresenting your abilities as well.”

I find LinkedIn to be chock full of “CEO”s whether they are true CEOs or not. Not only are some simply playing a role that they are not big enough to fill, they are misrepresenting who they essentially are. For this type of person to own the face of the company would be catastrophic and useless. If a company’s CEO doesn’t believe and live the company mission, no one will. As CEO of Kars4Kids, I live and breathe our mission of aiding children in need, which in turn, trickles down to the managers and employees, making Kars4Kids the success that it is.

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