Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

Being aware of your emotional intelligence is a key factor in being an effective leader. Being aware of how your emotions can affect your decisions as CEO is vital toward company life and growth. Having the ability to read employee’s feelings and understanding their needs are also important factors that can have either positive or detrimental effects.

The five types of emotional intelligence listed here in, “5¬†Types of Emotional Intelligence all Great Leaders have Mastered”¬†are extremely important to say the least! Without self-assessment, self-regulation, empathy etc. it would be completely impossible to manage a company effectively, let alone retain employees and be successful. While understanding emotional intelligence is important for every person, it is even more so for a CEO without whom a company cannot run effectively.

Leadership is far from easy or straightforward, and only those who have never been in a leadership role can say that it is easy. The first step in being an effective leader is understanding these 5 points of emotional intelligence.

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