Eliyohu Mintz

My Thoughts On Business Management

While not everyone is a CEO of a major organization or company, every kind of leader can learn from this article. 5 different CEOs point to 5 very useful pieces of advice that can help steer a leader in the right direction.

According to CEO of Celgene, Mark Alles, it is important for a leader to “think like the Marines.” ThisĀ  means staying focused on developing everyone a part of the organization into the best possible people and using everyone’s unique strengths to their fullest.

CEO of Cognizant Technology Solutions, Francisco D’Souza, claims that “understanding change and moving quickly” is key to being a great leader. Setting direction, building and inspiring a team, and empowering the staff are important parts of this.

General Electric CEO, Jeff Immelt, said that looking at other companies to see what they do to succeed and what works for them is an important starting point in generating great ideas.

MasterCard CEO, Ajay Banga, states that having a sense of urgency is important, and any procrastination is detrimental to an organization.

TExas Instruments CEO, Rich Templeton, claims that giving back, helping others succeed, and giving back to the community can strengthen ones own leadership abilities.

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